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How should I formulate a question?

  1. 1. Falsifiable: Meaning that it must be possible to decide if whether what you asked happened or not. Will it be a good year for our company? Is not a good question since it can be interpreted in many ways. Will our company achieve 8% growth in total net sales in 2019? Would be a better question.
  2. 2. Having an end date: The start date of the question is automatically set to the time when you created the question. Respondents will then immediately be able to submit answers. The question also needs to have an end date. The end date will determine until when participants can submit their predictions. Often the end date will be the same as when the answer will be known, but the answer may also be known after a question is closed for accepting new predictions.

How many people must there be in a team for this to work?

Am I anonymous?

What is a team?

Who can ask questions?

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What happens if a question can't be resolved?

Can I withdraw from a question?

How do you measure forecasting ability?

How do you aggregate predictions to produce a better forecast?